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Show Arena

Bainbridge Island Saddle Club is an equestrian facility adjacent to the Manzanita Park Trails. We have two outdoors arenas: a large show arena with holding area (footing replaced in 2009) and a smaller warm up ring (footing replaced in 2011). BISC has approximately 30 permanent pole stalls available to members who trailer in to use the facility, and for rent during our schooling shows. We have an office, covered picnic area, covered seating, cookshack, and judges booth. BISC is dedicated to preserving open equine space on Bainbridge Island and maintaining the size and splendor of our grounds.

Rules for Facilities Use:
• Members only (membership forms are available online)
• Helmets are required for all riders when mounted
• Riders under the age of 18 must be under the supervision of an adult while riding
• Jumping allowed only with trainer supervision. Trainer must be a member
• Dogs must be leashed and are not allowed in the arenas
• Ride safely and courteously:
     • Keep your horse under control at all times
     • Pass left shoulder to left shoulder when traveling in opposite directions
     • Give the right of way to horses that are jumping
     • Halt if a rider falls off a horse
• If an accident occurs that requires emergency services, fill out an Accident Report Form (available in the office) and mail to the address on the form.
• If equipment is damaged, do not use it.  Remove from the arena and contact a board memeber.

Reserving the Club

Equestrian groups are able to rent the Saddle Club, both for exclusive and non-exclusive use. There are two forms to choose from:
- Exclusive Use (the facility is reserved for your group only on your dates for one day or more).
- Non-Exclusive Use (the facility is available for other members to use while your group is using it. Fees apply for non-exclusive use only when reserving the club for two or more days).

If you have any questions about which type of reservation to make, email the club at bainbridgesaddleclub@gmail.com.

Click [HERE] for the Exclusive Use Form
Click [HERE] for the Non-Exclusive Use Form

Directions from Poulsbo/Kingston:  Come south over Agate Passage Bridge on SR-305, take a right at the first light (at Day Road).  Stay right at the fork, then take a right at the sign to Manzanita Park.  Follow the dirt road and signs to BISC.

Directions from Winslow/Bainbridge Ferry:  Follow SR-305 north, take a left at the 5th stop light (at Day Road).  Stay right at the fork, then take a right at the sign to Manzanita Park.  Follow the dirt road and signs to BISC.

Parking:  There is room for some small rigs on the immediate grounds.  Overflow and large rigs can park in the large area just outside the sign to BISC.

Please be courteous and space-efficient when parking rigs to allow everyone to have a place to park their trailers.